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Dr. Swetlana Friedel
Dr. Michael Seifert
Dr. Jens Keilwagen

Thilo Fester (GPU Programming)
Michael Scharfe (HMMs/phylog.trees)
   Dipl. Bioinf. Berit Haldemann (Documentation)
   Eric Rossa (VBA/Excel add-on)
   Dr. Marc Strickert

Research Topics

  • Analysis of genomic sequences:
    • Discriminative motive discovery, ChIP-chip/aCGH signal segmentation.
  • Analysis of gene/protein expression data:
    • Clustering, classification, biomarker detection.


  • HMM-based analysis of Array-CGH data
    • Array-based Genome Comparison of Arabidopsis Ecotypes Using Hidden Markov Models [ Homepage ]
  • Jstacs - Java framework for statistical analysis and classification of biological sequences [ Homepage ]
  • HMM-based analysis of ChIP-chip data
    • Utilizing promoter pair orientations [ Homepage ]
  • SARDUX - Supervised attribute relevance detection using cross comparisons 
    • Application to ADMET prediction [ Homepage ]
  • HiT-MDS - High-throughput multidimensional scaling 
    • Implementations in CUDA, R, and MATLAB/GNU Octave [ Homepage ]
  • Sorting of high-dimensional data in Microsoft Excel
    • Using one-dimensional Self-Organizing maps (SOM). In German [ Heimatseite ]


  • A searchable HTML list of references can be found here [ here ]


Dr. Marc Strickert
iLung - Institut für Lungenforschung
Lungenzentrum der Universitäten Gießen und Marburg (UGMLC)
Philipps Universität Marburg
Hans-Meerwein-Straße 2
D-35043 Marburg


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This work is kindly supported by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs
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